The Descent

Codingame: The Descent
Original Problem

The Goal

Destroy the mountains before your starship collides with one of them. For that, shoot the highest mountain on your path.


At the start of each game turn, you are given the height of the 8 mountains from left to right.
By the end of the game turn, you must fire on the highest mountain by outputting its index (from 0 to 7).

Firing on a mountain will only destroy part of it, reducing its height. Your ship descends after each pass.

Victory Conditions
You win if you destroy every mountain
Lose Conditions

  • Your ship crashes into a mountain
  • You provide incorrect output or your program times out

Don’t forget to run the tests by launching them from the “Test cases” window. The tests provided and the validators used to calculate your score are slightly different to avoid hard-coded solutions.

Game Input

Within an infinite loop, read the heights of the mountains from the standard input and print to the standard output the index of the mountain to shoot.
Input for one game turn
8 lines: one integer mountainH per line. Each represents the height of one mountain given in the order of their index (from 0 to 7).
Output for one game turn
A single line with one integer for the index of which mountain to shoot.
0 ≤ mountainH ≤ 9
Response time per turn ≤ 100ms

Java Solution
class Player {

    public static void main(String args[]) {
        Scanner in = new Scanner(;
        // game loop
        while (true) {
            int hmax = 0;
            int imax = 0;
            for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) {
                int mountainH = in.nextInt(); // represents the height of one mountain.
                if (mountainH > hmax) {
                    hmax = mountainH;
                    imax = i;
            System.out.println(imax); // The index of the mountain to fire on.

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